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Custom Fitting


A Swing Made To Measure

Why not have your golf equipment 'Custom Made' to fit your game? All our customers will be taken out onto the practice range for a one hour assessment. During the assessment we will measure the seven golf club fitting variables which are vital to the perfect custom fit club.
  • Clubhead design                                                   
      offset peripheral weighting and centre of gravity will all play key roles
      when choosing the right head design.
  • Weight
      total weight is important as the lighter the club the easier it is to swing
      and increase club head speed.
  • Grip Size & Type
       If the grip is too large or small it may result in loss of control
  • Club Length
       the player's size and ability determine this.
  • Lie
       if the lie doesn't fit the way you swing,the sole of the club will not be
       parallel to the ground at impact  resulting in wayward shots.
  • Loft
       Do you hit the ball high or low? Have you got a consistent
       gap in degrees between each club.  
  • Shaft
      the shaft is the heart of the club! we look at four parts before
      recommending the right shaft for your game: flex, kick point, torque and
For many years now the average club golfer has completely ignored the shaft and concentrated on the clubhead.
Remember the shaft is the most important fitting consideration when building a golf club.
Most leading manufacturers only offer a choice of one or maybe two shafts then expect them to fit every golfer from beginner to scratch player.
Graham Tonge is quite unique in his approach. He starts the quest for the perfect shaft to match your game by measuring clubhead & ball speed in MPH. Then he measures the load you apply to the shaft on the downswing plus the launch angle and spin rate. Complete with this information Graham will then calculate the appropriate shaft required using the very latest computer programme carrying over 1500 golf shafts.
The options are soon reduced by sorting them by flex, kick point, torque and material for each player.


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