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Custom Made Golf Clubs


 'Golf Clubs Made To Fit Your Game'

Many Golfers rush in and buy a set of golf clubs without giving custom fitting a second thought. We all have different builds and different swings and therefore require specific equipment to meet these needs. Anything that helps us hit the ball straighter and further can only be good for confidence and ultimately, lower scores
For over 25 years Frodsham Golf Club Professional and Clubmaker Graham Tonge has dedicated his time to researching and producing quality golf clubs for every individual. He has carved a unique service for golfers of every ability.
He is now in control of his own brand of clubs. They carry his name and logo: the heads are made from the highest quality materials with a choice of steel or graphite shafts. He caters for gents, ladies, left and right hand players, and provides woods, irons and putters with the latest head technology. His range has performed well against other leading brands with several county players and professionals using the Graham Tonge range
The aim is simple
"To produce a golf club that has quality, performance
and is the perfect fit"











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